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Natasha Mwila

The Network of Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS

Natasha advocates for HIV and SARS COV-2 prevention for all as part of her work with non-governmental organizations in Zambia. She is committed to using her knowledge and skills to help adolescent girls and young women access the information and resources they need to prevent HIV infection. She received a BA in Economics/Marketing/Psychology and a MSc in Analytical Epidemiology. She is pursuing a PhD in Infectious Diseases.

In Their Own Words
My motivation to advocate for HIV prevention stems from a personal reason. Close friends and family are living with HIV/AIDS due to lack of awareness, access, or a diverse range of HIV prevention options. As part of the AGYW community, which is at high risk for HIV, I am committed to advocating for the roll out and implementation of the dapivirine vaginal ring and injectable PrEP to expedite reduction of new HIV infections among AGYW.


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