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Peter Katleho Ntheri

Lesotho Network of AIDS Service Organization

Katleho is a social science agent driven by the desire to make impactful and sustainable change to his community and country at large. He has encountered many economic and social hurdles, which helped ignite his desire to seek solutions in the communities in which he has lived. He believes in proactively tackling the many social problems his country is plagued with. He strongly asserts that in life no problem is insurmountable if we each believe in our inner strengths and collectively take our social issues head-on.

In Their Own Words
I want to ensure that everyone eligible to use PrEP has access to the drugs and accompanying services without having to endure stockouts due to geographic and/or economic limitations. I will promote good dispensing practices of home delivery and subsequently fight the problem of high drug discontinuation rates caused by reluctance and demoralization of patients to collect medication. Home delivery is going to bring an element of convenience to the prevention strategy in the country as well as aid in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

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