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Thuthukile Mbatha

Section 27 - 2017 Fellow

Thuthukile is a human rights activist from Durban, working as a researcher at the activist organization Section 27 for three years. She joined the organization as a National Strategic Plan reviewer, where she monitored and reported on the implementation of HIV, TB, and STIs programs. Working closely with TAC ignited the fire in her to fight for the rights of the underprivileged and vulnerable people. She has been working on a national campaign that calls for the recognition of community healthcare workers, the foot soldiers in the fight against the pandemic. Thuthukile is a loving sister to her two sisters and brother. She is passionate about sexual and reproductive health and young people.

Why I want to advocate for HIV prevention in 2017:

Universities are comprised of a variety of key population groups (such as young people, young black women, men who have sex with men and sex workers). They have increased exposure to HIV. South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal province has one of the highest HIV rates on the globe. In order to curb the number of HIV infections we need to consider providing more alternatives to HIV prevention methods.

My Work as a Fellow

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