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Ulanda Mtamba

Advancing Girls Education in Africa - 2018 Fellow

For the past 3 years, Ulanda has been managing STEPS project, a program aimed at improving the quality life for people living with HIV. She is a behavioural change and communication specialist with 12 years’ experience. Ulanda has served as the Gender, HIV and AIDS Manager and Head of Programmes for Blantyre Synod Health and Development Commission. She has served in different roles at national and international organisations such as United Nations for Development Program (UNDP), GOAL Malawi and NAPHAM. Ulanda has a Masters in Business Administration, a degree from Chartered Institute of Marketing and also holds an International Diploma in Project Management from Cambridge University.

Why I want to advocate for HIV prevention in 2018:
Adolescent young girls and women are at most risk for HIV in Malawi. PrEP and microbicide ring studies have been conducted and positive results have been presented. But what’s wrong with rollout?! My advocacy will focus on contributing towards the overall reduction of new HIV infections among the adolescent young girls, women and high-risk groups through ensuring increased efforts and allocation of resources towards rollout for PrEP and rings for young girls and women.

Fellows Project - Beyond Trials: Timely investment in new HIV prevention interventions for adolescent young girls and women
Ulanda’s primary advocacy is to ensure Malawi is prepared for dapivirine ring rollout—if it receives approval in 2019—with clear implementation planning. She’s also addressing her nation’s lag in PrEP rollout, with its stalled launch of PrEP guidelines. Her advocacy includes building a well-informed civil society to better engage in and inform implementation of the national research agenda. Specifically, she works with policy makers, faith-based organizations, community and media to push forth her agenda. She also supports work with the Global Fund and PEPFAR to increase HIV prevention funding in Malawi.

My Work as a Fellow

  • Radio: Ulanda joins Linly Seyama, Study Coordinator at JHU, on UMOYO PA Times radio program in Malawi, speaking about vaginal rings for HIV prevention in the local language of Chichewa. Listen here.
  • Malawi HIV Prevention Shadow Report: Ulanda was a key author in this report.


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