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William Rashidi

Centre for the Right to Health - 2018 Fellow

William started a social enterprise through the support of MTV Staying Alive Foundation, investing in beauty sector businesses and using the profits to support sexual health and HIV interventions for young LGBT persons in the Niger-Delta of Nigeria. He attended the Civic Leadership Institute at University of California, Berkeley and is an alumnus of the International Human Rights and LGBT Program at Swedish Federation for Sexuality Education, the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative and the International Human Rights Training Programme, Canada. In addition, William is an alumnus of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative and a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur. He is currently an MPH student with the University of Essex, Online.

Why I Want to Advocate for HIV Prevention in 2018
My work in HIV prevention is premised on the fact that everyone, everywhere, no matter who they are, are able to access HIV prevention tools, contributing to decelerating the spread of HIV and putting an end to new infections, especially amongst vulnerable and key affected populations who are discriminated and stigmatized due to sexual expression and other behavioral practices. It is about empowering individuals and communities to ensure inclusive policies are put in place to end the pandemic.

AVAC Advocacy Fellows Project: PrEP Action for MSM
Rashidi’s advocacy project, PrEP Action for MSM, aims to accelerate PrEP access for MSM in Nigeria where national PrEP guidelines exist but little has been translated into reality. His three advocacy objectives include mobilizing community gatekeepers such as peer educators, health workers and LGBT organizations; community sensitization; and sustained funding for eventual PrEP programs. Among his several activities are the development and dissemination of a survey on PrEP acceptance to be used as evidence of demand; a compendium of PrEP materials; media training and drafting of articles; and engagement with Global Fund, PEPFAR and participation in the National Agency for Control of AIDS’ technical working group on PrEP.

My Work As a Fellow


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