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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

This HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD), May 18, 2020, is like no other before. HIV and COVID-19 each present a vivid picture of the need for the vaccine enterprise. A durable, sustainable end to any epidemic depends on a vaccine. HVAD is a day to call attention to the still urgent need for an HIV vaccine, take stock of progress, recognize the incalculable contributions of trial participants and researchers—and, this year, to explain how work in HIV has created a foundation for the unprecedented speed of COVID-19 vaccine development. This HVAD also presents an opportunity to advocate for the global capacity and collaboration needed for the next epidemic.

AVAC is proud to share our dedicated page on HVAD 2020, featuring a toolkit and details on related webinars to support advocacy and action, including:

Five "P"s to Watch

Our new report Five "P"s to Watch: Platforms, Process, Partnerships, Payers and Participatory Practices that Drive Vaccine Development shows how HIV vaccine research is making the search for a COVID-19 vaccine faster, safer and more inclusive. This report also includes a suite of infographics. Check it out!

download the 5P report

Download Report Graphics

Key Messages

These messages frame priorities to advance vaccine advocacy for HIV, COVID-19 and future epidemics

  • Full: This complete set of messages provides more detail and background on priorities
  • Short: This distills priorities into a curated set of quick and easy-to-use statements


On May 13, we hosted a webinar with Science Magazine’s Jon Cohen. Jon spoke about the fast-growing pipeline of vaccine candidates for COVID-19, how COVID-19 research is evolving and building on HIV vaccine research and more! A recording and his slides are available here.


A new episode of AVAC’s Px Pulse podcast is ready for download! We take a comprehensive look at the intersection of HIV and COVID-19. Listen here, on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.

Other Materials

Op Eds from Global Advocates

We hope these tools will help your advocacy this HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. As advocates and researchers, donors and activists, we all know an HIV vaccine is imperative to end the epidemic, now more than ever.