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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

This year marks the 20th anniversary of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD). Advocates mark progress in the search for an AIDS vaccine each year on May 18.

This year we are celebrating HVAD, not only on May 18 but throughout the month leading up to it (and beyond). We recognize the “breadth and potency” of the current research landscape and the many events that will happen around the globe to mark the momentous day. We want to keep you in the loop. Sign up to our Advocates Network email list so you won't miss a thing!

We’ll provide research literacy tools; share AVAC’s take on developments in the field; and host a series of webinars to discuss key issues in vaccine research and advocacy. Please register, mark your calendars and have your questions ready.

Webinar Series

Recordings from the Webinar Series:

  • Ad26 Mosaic Program—Janssen’s Maria Pau discusses preparations for the next efficacy trial
    April 28 - YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • The History—and Future—of the NIH’s Vaccine Research Center with Barney Graham
    May 4 - YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • Building on (and Building!) Success—Status of HVTN 702 with Fatima Laher
    May 8 - YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • “Plan B”-NAb? An Overview of Antibody Research with Lynn Morris
    May 11 - YouTube / Audio / Slides
  • An Overview of Vaccine Development with Julie Ake of MHRP
    May 18 - YouTube / Audio / Slides

HVAD Tools

We have also developed an HVAD “toolkit” of user-friendly materials to help vaccine advocates explain vaccine science in simple language. Take a look!

Advocacy in Uncertain Times: A call to action - AVAC’s report for HVAD on the state of the HIV vaccine research and development field, including key priorities for advancing research and sustaining support.

download advocacy in uncertain times

Busy Advocates: bNAbs — A primer on antibodies and their role in HIV prevention research. Read on for a glossary of relevant terms and to learn how broadly neutralizing antibodies may be important to the development of a vaccine.

document cover image

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