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AVAC in the News

  • Today marks the 27th annual World AIDS Day — a global celebration and commemoration of the fight to educate and eradicate HIV and AIDS. Here we look at five key celebs whose diagnoses changed the face of HIV and AIDS.

    December 1, 2015
    New York Post
  • The world committed to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030 with goals adopted this year by the United Nations. But is that realistic, or even possible?

    December 1, 2015
    Chicago Tribune
  • Despite major medical advances and more than 30 years of effort, the United States is still in danger of losing the war on AIDS, according to the country’s top disease-control official.

    December 1, 2015
    New York Times
  • Benjamin Ryan of POZ discusses what's in the PrEP pipeline, looking forward to long-acting injectables and drugs less toxic than Truvada.

    December 1, 2015
  • About 1.2 million people in the US are at "substantial risk" of HIV and could benefit from taking a daily pill to prevent the infection, the CDC said.

    November 25, 2015
    MedPage Today
  • A report released by the US CDC finds that roughly 1.2 million people would benefit from PrEP based on their reported rates of otherwise unprotected risk behavior. That’s about 60 times higher than current estimates, which suggest about 21,000 people take the drug.

    November 24, 2015
  • David Kauffman of the New York Post writes how Charlie Sheen’s announcement on being HIV-positive introduced America to the range of treatment options that are already available.

    November 17, 2015
    New York Post
  • In 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo co-discovered HIV as the cause of AIDS, then went on to pioneer the blood test that detects the virus. Now, 31 years later, his team at the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Institute of Human Virology is beginning human trials this month on a potentially revolutionary HIV vaccine.

    October 13, 2015
    HuffPost Science
  • After years of research, a promising HIV/AIDS vaccine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is moving into the critical human testing stage. The institute's vaccine is just one of about 30 such drugs in some stage of human trials, according to AVAC, an advocacy group devoted to HIV prevention efforts.

    October 9, 2015
    Baltimore Sun
  • Steph Auteri, writing for aasect, links an NYT article on a highly successful IUD promotion campaign in the US to what it will really take to address women’s sexual and reproductive health needs, including commentary on PrEP from IRMA’s Jim Pickett and AVAC’s Mitchell Warren.

    October 6, 2015