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No Data No More

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No Data No More: Manifesto to Align HIV Prevention Research with Trans and Gender Diverse Realities, written and informed by trans and gender-diverse (TGD) global activists, with support and solidarity from AVAC, offers practical and essential priorities for demonstrable and viable HIV interventions for TGD people.

This manifesto reflects the urgent need for peer-led HIV prevention research with true ownership and acceptability in TGD communities.

No Data No More sheds light on the TGD experience, the role of gender-affirming hormonal therapy (GAHT), and the broader landscape of HIV research prevention—its historical gaps and recent progress—in a field that has traditionally fallen short in its efforts to address the HIV risks of TGD communities. No Data No More provides a vision for a course-correction.

Addressing researchers, implementers, funders and advocates, recommendations in the manifesto for moving HIV and TGD research forward include:

  • The inclusion of the full range of the gender spectrum in clinical trials, with an emphasis on trans men;
  • Ensuring that efficacy and safety questions regarding on-demand oral PrEP for trans people on GAHT are resolved;
  • Ensuring that local research sites are funded to recruit TGD participants and follow the Good Participatory Practice Guidelines by engaging with the local LGBTQ community, including transgender-led organizations.

Press Conference

A virtual press conference was held on Monday, July 19. Watch the recording here.


Media Coverage

For more information and to advocate for TGD inclusion in HIV research, find us at [email protected].