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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

HIV prevention and women’s reproductive health go hand in hand.

HIV prevention doesn’t happen in isolation. Even when people are at high risk for HIV, avoiding infection is but one factor in a complex set of decisions about their health and well-being. For women worldwide, those decisions include childbearing and reproductive and sexual health.

Multi-purpose prevention technologies are now in development to simultaneously prevent unintended pregnancy and protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. By addressing multiple health concerns in convenient, easy-to-use formulations, these technologies might also help ensure high levels of product adherence. Multiple versions are entering early clinical trials now. Many important questions about efficacy, acceptability and adherence need to be addressed as this research proceeds.

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Microarray patches (MAPs) are an alternative option for intradermal delivery of vaccines and pharmaceuticals that are in clinical development. MAPs are applied to the skin like a bandage and consist of an array of micron-scale projections (< 1 mm in height) that are amassed on a baseplate.

October 3, 2019
Contagion Live

Imagine if women could take one pill every day and be protected from unintended pregnancy and HIV? And what if this pill was available within several years? We believe the fastest route to a contraceptive MPT is to combine two products that are already on the market into a single pill. A dual-purpose pill has the potential to play an important role in helping women protect themselves against both unintended pregnancy and HIV infection.

July 22, 2019
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