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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

HIV prevention and women’s reproductive health go hand in hand.

HIV prevention doesn’t happen in isolation. Even when people are at high risk for HIV, avoiding infection is but one factor in a complex set of decisions about their health and well-being. For women worldwide, those decisions include childbearing and reproductive and sexual health.

Multi-purpose prevention technologies are now in development to simultaneously prevent unintended pregnancy and protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. By addressing multiple health concerns in convenient, easy-to-use formulations, these technologies might also help ensure high levels of product adherence. Multiple versions are entering early clinical trials now. Many important questions about efficacy, acceptability and adherence need to be addressed as this research proceeds.

What We're Reading

Both drugs from single entity or combination films were able to provide sustained drug release in vivo. The combination film showed lower local tissue clearance for DPV and exhibited significantly increased plasma concentration for LNG as compared to the single entity film. This proof-of-concept study demonstrates the ability of this novel bioadhesive film platform to deliver LNG and DPV simultaneously as an MPT product for the prevention of HIV infection and unintended pregnancy.

December 18, 2019

Women expressed preferences for accessible, long-acting, partner-approved methods that prevent both HIV and pregnancy, can be used without partner knowledge, and have no impact on sex and few side effects. This review was limited by a lack of standardization of acceptability measures and study heterogeneity. This systematic review suggests that most LMIC women users have a positive view of the vaginal ring (VR) that increases with familiarity of use; and, that many would consider the VR an acceptable future delivery device for HIV prevention or other indications.

November 8, 2019
PLoS One
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