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Px Pulse

Px Pulse is a project of AVAC and our partners in the Coalition to Accelerate and Support Prevention Research. Each month this podcast will use interviews, discussion and first-person reflections to explore vital topics confronting the field of HIV prevention research.

Px Pulse features in-depth conversations with voices from the field or listen to highlighted selections from those interviews.

Give these a listen. We're very interested to hear your thoughts!

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Trial Trial Again: Getting research right for adolescents (11:28)
October 12, 2017
Both research and advocacy for HIV prevention are intensifying their focus on young people. Bringing interventions that work for this population holds unique challenges. AVAC’s Manju Chatani-Gada explores how and why prevention research must reach the next generation.

Testing Long-Acting PrEP, Easier Said Than Done (11:56)
October 12, 2017
Leading researcher Dr. Deborah Donnell tells us why the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) changed the design of one of two trials testing long-acting cabotegravir, as an injectable PrEP.

PrEP and Trial Design — A no brainer for some (6:15)
September 22, 2017
Slim Abdool Karim, co-principal investigator of the landmark CAPRISA 004 study, talks about why designing trials with oral PrEP is a must—scientifically and ethically.

Golden Age or Fools Gold? (3:26)
September 13, 2017
Carl Dieffenbach, Director of NIH’s Division of AIDS, tells AVAC where he sees the most promise in the field of HIV prevention and what it will take to “put out the fire.”