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What We Do

AVAC advocates for HIV prevention to end AIDS.

For the first time, the end of the global AIDS epidemic is within reach. With our partners worldwide, we’re pushing for the funding, focus, implementation and research that’s needed to make it happen. Specifically, we:

Advocate for Policies & Action

  • AVAC's Playbook lays out global and organizational goals for ten key areas of biomedical HIV prevention. We use this tool to guide our work and to hold global leaders accountable.
  • In 2012, AVAC and amfAR released An Action Agenda to End AIDS. We track progress in the critical actions laid out in that document as part of our Ending AIDS data tracking effort.
  • For more than a decade, AVAC has been a part of a variety of resource tracking efforts—tracking funding for HIV across the research agenda.
  • AVAC's Strategic Initiatives bring partners together for concrete campaigns on urgent issues.

Build Rapid-Response Networks

  • Advocacy Fellowships: Funding and technical assistance for emerging leaders in developing countries.
  • PxROAR: Mentoring and networking opportunities for advocates in the United States and Europe.
  • WHiPT: Focused support for women’s groups monitoring the impact of new HIV prevention options.
  • Partners Forum: An annual forum for defining advocacy strategy and sharing updates with partners, focused in sub-Saharan Africa.

Improve Research Conduct

  • AVAC's GPP initiative provides intensive support to partners implementing GPP in various countries, including trainings for trial site staff and civil society and ongoing support for country-led work plans that facilitate adaptation and implementation at a national level.
  • The Stakeholder Engagement Community of Practice is a capacity-building network for implementers of GPP and other activities focused on stakeholder engagement in research.

Provide Tools for Decision-Making

Translate and Share the Latest Information

  • For real-time updates on emerging events and information about webinars and other advocacy dialogues, sign up for our Advocates' Network.
  • For a look at the week's noteworthy news and publications across biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation, sign up for our Weekly Digest.
  • We also provide clear background information for and analysis of events as they unfold. We add new materials to our resources database all the time.